Eunju Yi

London Arts Council

Eunju is a dedicated arts administrator, inspiring arts educator & public speaker and creative storyteller.  Her extensive experience as an arts practitioner and arts educator in Korea and Canada contributes to her unwavering support of the arts and culture internationally.

She has spent the last seven years evolving her skills and honing her leadership experience at the London Arts Council (LAC) through various roles within the organization.  She has demonstrated highly creative and strategic approaches to complex work within the LAC’s program and fund development portfolios.  Especially, her in-depth understanding of arts finance, administration and development are valued resources for the LAC team, as well as, the local arts community.

She has served in her local community as a motivating and artistic educator and an eloquent public speaker.  She has a strong desire to motivate people in various ways, and her captivating voice and powerful delivery of message as well as her arts and research based teaching methods have been highly appreciated by many audience groups in diverse settings.

Eunju has a strong sense of root to her Korean culture and history, and her genuine interests and curiosity in international cultural heritage and history is her main source of inspiration for her creative and artistic work.  Her mind is filled with stories and creative ideas for new performing arts, films and TV shows.  Her multi-disciplinary calligraphy performance project - ‘Invitation to Korean Mountain’ - in 2018  at the Museum London, at the newly opened Centre at the Forks demonstrated the essence of beauty and depth of traditional Korean visual art and dance through her modern and sophisticated interpretations. 

 Eunju believes that life is full of learning opportunities.  Her broad spectrum of interests are including, but not limited to cultural planning and policy development and international and domestic practices of arts and intergovernmental organizations.  Her hobby is exploring the historical facts about era based furniture and objects.

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