Barbara Nepinak

Elder and Cultural Advisor

Barbara Nepinak, a member of Pine Creek First Nation is a retired mother/grandmother of 35 yrs of federal public service.  Barbara is active in the Urban and surrounding areas serving on Advisory Councils and Boards as Elder and Cultural Advisor...Presently, serves on the Special Indigenous Advisory Council to the Canadian Human Rights Museum, Arts & Cultural Industries, Advisory Council member for U  of Brandon and two Research Programs with the U of Man. Board member of the The Forks Foundation Board and Peer Assessment for the Cultural Human Resources Council in Ottawa as well as providing Elder teachings in the  7 Oaks Schools division as well as providing Ojibwe classes for children....Barbara has also received recognition awards such as the Recipient of the Keeping the Fires Burning through Ka ni Kanichuik and was twice recognized with the Citizenship Award by previous Mayors. Barbara is also an interpreter/translater for CanTalk a national organization that provides language services.

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