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A good mentor enhances an employee’s performance 5x compared to the employees who didn’t have a mentor.



There's little doubt that Canada’s cultural workforce is at a unique point in history. As "Baby Boomers" – people born between 1946 and 1964 – begin to retire, a new generation is stepping into their shoes.

Generation X, or Generation Y have values and work styles that are completely different from the baby boomers. Finding ways to bridge the gaps within this new multigenerational workforce takes great skill – and it all starts with understanding how new generation leaders think, and what's important to them.

T2L’s mentorship program is a good way of efficiently transferring valuable competencies from one generation to another and from one person to another. Our program will expand your organization's skills base, help to build a strong management team and contribute to your succession planning strategy.



  • T2L enables you to support a mid-career manager by facilitating access to a unique no-cost professional development opportunity
  • Helps to foster the mentee’s confidence
  • Provides a professional developmental pathway for an employee working in management
  • Improves communication and critical dialogue which can lead to new directions for you, the employer
  • In regional areas, there may be a flow-on effect of enticing mentees not only to remain committed to the organization, but also to stay within the region and contribute to its growth
  • A mentorship relationship improves the communication and critical dialogue which can lead to innovative directions for you as the employer



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