1. Welcome to T2L
    This webinar will introduce the mentoring pairs to the program expectations and content.
  2. Set Your Organization up for Success: The Importance of Job Descriptions
    Did you know an improperly drafted job description can cause a decline in employee engagement and result in potential legal issues? This webinar will provide you with the essential tools for drafting sound job descriptions, to help you avoid legal trouble and set your employees and your organization up for success.
  3. A Crash Course in Recruitment: The Fundamentals of Hiring Right
    Hiring the right people is crucial to meeting your organizations objectives and the recruitment environment is changing fast! This webinar focuses on attracting top talent, best practices in the interview process, and how to hire the best person every time.
  4. Managing Performance to Maximize Your Workforce
    Managing performance is a critical component of employee engagement, as more and more employees have an expectation of regular feedback from their managers. This webinar focuses on the how to provide continuous feedback and support, how to deliver constructive criticism, the annual review, and rewarding your best people.
  5. Dealing with Challenge and Conflict in the Workplace
    Workplace conflicts can wreak havoc in terms of organizational culture and employee wellbeing. How do you deal with conflict? What are the best approaches to dealing with conflict? This webinar offers strategies to effectively handle workplace conflict, focusing on collaboration, communication skills, and dealing with difficult people.
  6. Change Management
    Being a successful change leader and manager requires a broad range of skills. You will need the business acumen to address the practical, organizational issues, while the human element of the equation will require well-developed people management and interpersonal skills. This webinar gives a broad overview of change management and introduces the basic skills required of a change leader.
  7. Learning & Development: Business Storytelling
    With so many elaborate methods of training available nowadays, why are more and more organizations looking to the ancient art of storytelling to assist learning?

    As neuroscience unravels many of the mysteries of the brain, we are beginning to understand how we learn and retain information.  Stories are powerful things. In the business world, stories help you communicate more effectively, build rapport with employees, and gain buy-in for your ideas. This webinar will review the basic structure of storytelling to enable you to create stories that engage and inspire your audience.
  8. HR Strategic Planning
    If you are asked to create an HR strategy or have decided that your current HR strategy requires refreshing, what do you do? Your approach will depend on the circumstances.  The HR plan, to be truly strategic, needs to be in alignment with the overall business plan.  In this webinar, we offer an overview of how HR planning becomes an integral part of the planning and budgeting cycle of the organization.
  9. Finance & Budgeting
    Creating an HR budget seems simple enough, but if you’ve ever had to do it, you know that it is harder than it sounds. Today’s HR budget is multifaceted, and often the further you get into the planning, the more confusing it becomes. When you begin thinking about all of your organization’s needs, any foreseeable needs, budget constraints, and what you would like to do, it can leave your head spinning. This webinar provides an overview of HR budgeting to help you broaden your understanding and what are the most common elements to consider, including developing staff on a limited budget.

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